About Us

We are multi-disciplinary consultancy practice and design studio providing architectural design, interior design, master planning, project management & furniture design.

We are a group of dynamic and forward-thinking architects and designers who are highly passionate in design. Our team is built upon a group of unique and talented people with decades of experience in total; ranging from interior design to high complexity mixed development projects.

A Unique Identity for HBOAian

We are delighted to share our 1st T-shirt with colleagues. This is part of our effort in giving a unique identity to our HBOAian family, together with the effort to build a much stronger team. The shirt also serves as a reminder of who we are and what we do.

We vow to embrace our DNA of being Visionary, Innovative & Progressive in our design & service. We are always perfecting our skills and details in work, including choosing our T-shirt material. The customized T-shirt is complete with customized embroidery works on a premium weight cotton T-shirt which is silky soft, yet keeping one cool in tropical climate. There should be more to come in the near future as we progress.