About Us

We are multi-disciplinary consultancy practice and design studio providing architectural design, interior design, master planning, project management & furniture design.

We are a group of dynamic and forward-thinking architects and designers who are highly passionate in design. Our team is built upon a group of unique and talented people with decades of experience in total; ranging from interior design to high complexity mixed development projects.

About Us
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In our design thinking & solutions, aiming for long-lasting holistic solutions; relevant yet futureproof.


In our design solutions, continuously pushing our limits and seeking to challenge the unprecedented.


In our doings and always stay relevant in our built environment. We vow to keep up with apparent issues and stay on top of it when it comes to finding the solution.

Designing Future

We believe design is the future and better future is built upon good design today.

We continuously strive for the excellence in design with the notion to contribute in crafting better future living & built environment.

- Principal Architect

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